The Rosewood School provides all students with a bespoke form of art education in areas such as: drawing, painting, mixed media and art therapy. The art class environment is designed to encourage learning so all students meet their objective and learn new creative skills. This encourages every student to work at their own pace, developing their own unique skill-set and style. Over a period of time, all students will grow significantly in confidence and expression. This confidence allows students to change their perception of themselves, as well as the perception others have of them. The skill-set taught will allow all students to gain a qualification in GCSE Art and Design.

A supportive and motivational art space

The art classes provide tailored guidance specific to helping each individual student with their personal needs. If the student has only just started their course, we will focus on projects that will help develop the specific skills that the students are expected to demonstrate within their GCSE  Art  and Design course. If the students are further down the line, we will work alongside their coursework, teaching them  the correct techniques and skills where necessary.