The Outreach Team support young people who struggle to attend school, due to health-related issues.  The aim is to support the young person to re-engage with education. 

Initially we will establish a relationship with the young person and their parents/carers in order to build up trust and understand the barriers preventing them from engaging with school. We will also liaise with other professionals involved with the young person.  A plan will then be devised to set goals to help the young person visualise steps on their journey to re-engagement.

Depending on the presentation of the young person, a bespoke programme will be devised to help them implement strategies to enable them to build resilience and promote confidence, self-esteem and emotional health and well-being.

Over the course of 6 to 10 weeks as the plan progresses, the relationship with the young person and the school develops, to introduce a programme of gradual exposure to education. The plan may evolve depending on progress, and this is reviewed weekly by the team.