Values & Ethos

Our Vision Statement

“Aim High, Be Kind”

Aim High

  • We will celebrate and value the achievements and contributions of all members of the school community.
  • All pupils and staff will be supported and challenged to make progress regardless of their starting point, culture, gender or ethnic group.

Be Kind

  • TRS is a school where we can learn and work together in harmony, free from harassment, prejudice and discrimination.
  • Develop strong links and foster positive relationships with parents, carers and other members of the local community.

We have three core values that were chosen by our 2021/2022 pupils, parents and staff. We felt that these values were good character traits that the pupils at TRS and everyone else in our school community should aim to achieve to support wellbeing and good outcomes:

  • Confidence
  • Acceptance
  • Perseverance

At TRS we ask that pupils try their very best to overcome barriers, become confident learners, prepare for adult life and celebrate differences .  We have hard working and committed staff who will support students to achieve their aspirations and prepare them for their next steps, whether that is reintegrating back to their home school, further education or employment.

It is crucial that our pupils develop core skills and knowledge to succeed in further education or employment, therefore English and Mathematics are a significant focus for the school to ensure pupils get to a level where they can succeed.  Pupils will follow a curriculum that is engaging and enjoyable, as such the wider curriculum will help pupils develop as learners and prepare them for any barriers that adult life might bring. 

We achieve this by:

Educating and supporting all pupils to learn

Creating a broad curriculum offer that supports the core subjects

Providing a safe, nurturing and supportive environment

Making sure all pupils have the skills to return to mainstream education or to access their next steps in learning

Working in partnership with others, especially Kent schools