Remote provision

Pupils in Key stage 1 and 2 will receive up to 4 hours of literacy and numeracy teaching per week and up to 2 hours of phonics support (KS1) or guided reading (KS2),  1 hour of social and communication support and 1 hour of mentoring per week as is required. Fridays are kept free for contact with the home school to allow the students to interact with their primary schools.

Pupils in Key stage 3 and 4 receive up to 4 hours of Maths, 4 hours of English, 3 hours of science and 2 hours of personal finance per week. They are also offered a 1:1 mentoring session if required. 

Where appropriate the aim is to reintegrate pupils back to their home schools or their next educational provision. If a pupil's health improves and a school place becomes more appropriate then a transition from remote to school will be supported.