KS3 - Secondary

Pupils in year 7,8 or 9 can be referred to TRS at any time during the academic year.  During the admissions process pupils will have a good opportunity to meet key staff and of course our therapy dogs, Shadow, Bunce and Lexi  A start date is then given and the pupil will be assigned a class which will be much smaller than their referring school; they will be taught the core subjects of the national curriculum (English, Mathematics and Science), this allows them to keep up and give them the confidence to return to their home or other mainstream school.  Foundation subjects are offered to support core subjects and provide opportunities to support their personal development, wellbeing and curiosity in other areas of the curriculum that they may wish to pursue in KS4, these include Art, Health & Fitness, PSHE, Citizenship, Classics, RE and Personal Finance.  We develop good relationships with our families and once everything is in place the pupils settle very well and anxieties are lowered, this allows us to support a good return to the pupil’s home school when the time is right; usually no longer than 12 weeks.