Meet Shadow: Therapy Dog


Shadow is one of two therapy dogs we have here at The Rosewood School, and whom is very much an integral part of our learning support team. Shadow is an Australian Shepherd, a breed that are well renowned for being therapy dogs due to their energetic, friendly, and intelligent nature.



Therapy dogs in schools can benefit physical, social, cognitive, and mental health. Alongside Lexi (our other therapy dog), Shadow helps to create a relaxed and safe atmosphere in school. As well as greeting our students when they arrive in the morning, he also loves to meet new students and give them a tour around the school. He loves to spend break and lunchtimes being trained by the students, supporting them with their communication, resilience, and confidence. He’s always ready to be a friend, a pair of ears, and is there for a warm hug during the school day.



Despite being young, he has already achieved nationally and internationally recognised qualifications: Advanced Tricks Award, Bronze Good Citizen Award and he is working on his Silver Good Citizen Award. He also competed in the junior class in Crufts this year! Although he didn’t take away any prizes this time around, he performed fantastically in his class. He spent the day sampling treats, picking out toys, meeting dogs and having selfies with spectators (who fell in love with him… who wouldn’t!?).

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