Citizenship at Key Stage 4

Citizenship at The Rosewood School for years 10 and 11 is intended to empower students to become active citizens and take pride in their communities while they learn more about the society and world in which they live. Students follow the Edexcel GCSE scheme of work leading not only to a GCSE qualification, but also to a deeper understanding of how they can change the world for the better.

Topics covered include Identity, Community, Human Rights, Migration, Local and National Government, Laws, Voting, Crime and Punishment, the Media, Volunteering, Charities, International Organisations and more.

The course covers in detail all five themes of the Edexcel Citizenship GCSE:


Theme A: Living together in the UK

Theme B: Democracy at work in the UK

Theme C: Law and Justice

Theme D: Power and Influence

Theme E: Taking Citizenship Action


Detailed assignments and activities provide stretch and challenge across the Key Stage to support students in developing their knowledge and understanding of Citizenship concepts and ideas.

Improving literacy and extended writing skills are an important part of the course, but teamwork, debating, group work and the consideration of opposing points of view are also equally important.

Perhaps most importantly, Citizenship at KS4 provides students with the opportunity to identify an issue they feel strongly about, undertake detailed research about it, and ultimately to plan, carry out and evaluate the effectiveness of their own Citizenship Action in the community.